About Us
In every generation God has given His people a work to do. We are convinced God has given this church plant a work to do to lift up our lovely Jesus and great God in this area that He has called us to serve. We do not see ourselves as better than others, we are simply sinners saved by grace, called out of darkness into the marvelous light of God’s Word.
According to the Bible, Jesus is coming back to this dark world soon to redeem those who have chosen to follow the Way of God. It is our passionate desire to share with those with whom we come in contact of our redeeming Lord and coming King!
With so many voices and conflicting ideas, we have chosen to hang our beliefs and hopes entirely on the Bible. In a culture of pluralism, where any and all religions are perceived to be the same, we ardently argue that the God of the Bible is vastly different! His character is abundantly displayed throughout the Bible, but most clearly seen as He laid down His life on the cross to redeem humanity trapped in the pit of sin. Jesus life, as revealed in the Bible, is a revelation to humanity of the character of our unselfish, other-centered, selfless, Creator. He has transformed our lives and we desire to shout out to the world His goodness as revealed in His Word!
We are Seventh-day Adventists in every meaning of the word – distinctly Adventist! God has revealed in His Bible that before He returns His commandment keeping people will give a special world-wide message: the Three-Angels’ message of Revelation 14. This church plant has chosen to lift this majestic banner. A banner that calls all the world to behold Jesus the Lamb of God sacrificed for the sins of the world, to behold Jesus as the Creator and Lawgiver of the universe, to behold Jesus as our advocate in the final judgment, and to behold Jesus the coming King who will make all things right!
Our reason for existence is simple and clear: to lift up Jesus as revealed in the Word of God and to love our neighbors as ourselves.