March 25, 2023, 11:00 a.m.

Enter with Praise
AYMSE  Song Team

Welcome & Prayer
Pastor Jeremy and Zack

Opening Hymn
457 I Love To Tell The Story

Offering Call
GCC Ministries

Scripture Reading
Abrielle Sandoval
Acts 8:31

Morning Prayer
  Matthias Drexler

Children's Story
Dana Grakov

Special Music

Morning Message
Justin Mertz

Closing Hymn
573 I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go
Cameron Guild



Membership Transfer In/Second Reading
Cynthia Tate Wright from Columbus 1st SDA Church (Columbus GA

Membership Transfer In/First Reading
Marali Garcia from Forest City Spanish SDA Church (Orlando FL)

Today's program will be done by Adventist Youth on a Mission (AYM). They will be participating and leading in the entire church service and afternoon program. All are welcome to come and be blessed as the youth share their Christian walk with God.

This Sabbath afternoon at 3PM, you are invited to participate in ministering to the nursing home residents at Health Center Standifer Place (Dalton Building)
2626 Walker Road, Chattanooga, TN.  Pat Hammack who is leading is requesting those with instruments and musical abilities to please come and help with the singing. We will meet on the 2nd floor in the activity room.

All are invited to join us as we help at the Samaritan Center, tonight at 8:30. For those who are new to this, it involves sorting and moving all the stuff from the drop of spot into bins and the warehouse. It's fun and many hands make for light work.

Please take Messiah’s Mansion postcards for your friends, neighbors, and coworkers from the foyer table. We have 5,000 postcards to share! 
Messiah’s Mansion, a life size exhibit of the Mosaic sanctuary will be hosted by South Bay with tours from April 1-16.  

United in Prayer | Every Sabbath, 8:50-9:20 a.m. | South Bay SDA Church 
Please note that the united time of prayer every Sabbath morning will now be from 8:50-9:20 a.m.
The prayer team would like you to know that they have organized to pray for every family and every child in the church. If you would like to request prayer for a specific person or issue, you can request prayer at

Prayer After Divine Service
Join us in front of the platform for a short time of prayer immediately following  the divine service.

Food for Thought
“To get divorced because love has died, is like selling your car simply because it ran out of gas.” Diane Sollee

Sunset Today: 7:54M   
Sunset Next Friday: 8:01PM

This Week

South Bay is expecting many visitors to Messiah's Mansion from April 1-16, especially on weekends. After reviewing the Sabbath parking situation in our neighborhood, we have determined that parking on the streets will not be welcomed by our neighbors. The Oakwood Baptist Church (4501 Bonny Oaks Drive) has generously offered for us to park in their overflow parking lot directly across from their church.

On Sabbaths (April 1, 8, and 15) all members (handicapped excepted) should park in this overflow area. Drivers should drop families and food at South Bay and then proceed to the parking lot. Shuttles will be running frequently to take drivers from the lot to our church. Signs will be posted to help you find the parking area.
We need your help with Messiah’s Mansion setup! A minimum of 25-30 people are needed on March 29 and 30 to help setup Messiah’s Mansion. We need 7-10 people on March 31. While children are helpful, we need adults to help carry heavier items. Please signup at this link … MM Setup Volunteer Sign-up.

During the time Messiah's Mansion is up—April 1, 8, and 15—Adult SS 1 & 2 with the Spanish class will be meeting as a combined class in the Fellowship Hall (Health Education Wing).

Mid-Week Connection at 6:30PM this Tuesday:   Join us as we wrap up our 6 part photography series with Holli by reviewing the photography assignment submissions that came in as a response to last week's assignment.  Holli will bring it all together in this final photography class.  

Mid-Week KIDS Connection at 6:30PM this Tuesday:  This week we will learn more about plants and seedlings. The theme for this week is Sunlight.

Messiah's Mansion Volunteers Needed: We need volunteers to assist with Messiah's Mansion while they are here.  A sign up sheet is located in the foyer with the various time slots and job positions.  

Morning Prayer Line: Remember we meet each weekday morning from 5:30-6 AM for prayer via ZOOM and Sabbath mornings from 8:50 - 9:20 AM here at the church.  The link is under the prayer section of your church app.  

Further Out

UPCOMING EVENTS | Mark Your Calendars:
  • March 25 - Morning Message - Adventist Youth on a Mission
  • March 25 - Samaritan Center Dock Offload - 8:30PM
  • March 28 - Midweek Connection:5:30PM supper/6:30PM Classes
  • March 29-31 - Messiah's Mansion Set Up
  • April 1 - Best Weigh Graduation 11AM
  • April 1-  Morning Message - Eric Nelson
  • April 1 - Fellowship Meal
  • April 1 - Family Nature Walk
  • April 1-16 - Messiah's Mansion - 1PM - 6:30PM
  • April 8 - Morning Message - Clayton Leinneweber
  • April 15 - Morning Message - Pastor Jeremy
  • April 17 - Dinner with the Doctor at 6PM
  • April 17 -  Messiah's Mansion takedown
  • April 18 - Midweek Connection: 5:30PM supper/6:30PM Classes
  • April 22 -  Morning Message -  Pastor Jeremy
  • April 22 -  Elder's Lunch and Meeting
  • April 22 - AY Vespers
  • April 22 - Samaritan Center Dock Offloading at 9PM

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