February 24, 2024, 11:00 a.m.

Enter with Praise
Emily Wolff and Sophia Casas

Welcome & Prayer
Phil Mills

Opening Hymn
608 Faith is the Victory

Offering Call
Bubba Harris
GCC Ministries

Scripture Reading
Jordan Arnall
Heb 1: 1-4

Morning Prayer
Phil Mills

Children's Story
Eric Flickinger

Special Music
Meghan and Kailan Ruminson

Morning Message
Pastor Jeremy
Moses and The Ark

Closing Hymn
551 Jesus Savior Pilot Me

Pastor Jeremy

PianistAmy Nelson  Chorister: Emily Wolff and Sophia Casas



Transfer In/Second Reading
Brian Foye from Dunlap SDA Church (Dunlap TN)
Trish Foye from Dunlap SDA Church (Dunlap TN)

South Bay Choir Practice: First South Bay choir practice is this afternoon at 3pm at the church. Contact Eric Nelson if you want to join the choir or did sign up and haven’t received an email.

Nursing Home Ministry: Please join us as we shine for Jesus with singing  and interacting at the nursing home this afternoon at 3PM. If you can sing or play an instrument, come to Standifer Place 2626 Walker Road. Tallest building, first floor.

Please come and be blessed as we have a special vespers this evening at 4:30 with Pastor Doug Batchelor. 

AY Vespers:  We will have our monthly AY Vespers after we hear Pastor Doug's Message. We will have singing, Bible games, and hear Cameron Guild share a message.

Samaritan Center Dock Offloading: Please join us as we offload donated things from the Samaritan Center. We will meet at the Center after the AY Vespers. Many hands make light work and fun at the same time.

Lost and Found:  Have you lost something here at South Bay? It may be in our Lost and Found located in the childrens' wing. There are some nice things that will soon be taken to the Samaritan Center or Goodwill.

United in Prayer | Every Sabbath, 8:50-9:20 a.m. | South Bay SDA Church 
Please note that the united time of prayer every Sabbath morning is from 8:50-9:20 a.m.
The prayer team would like you to know that they have organized to pray for every family and every child in the church. If you would like to request prayer for a specific person or issue, you can request prayer at southbaysda.org/prayer.

Prayer After Divine Service
Join us in front of the platform for a short time of prayer immediately following  the divine service.

Sunset Today: 6:30PM  
Sunset Next Friday: 6:37PM

This Week

United in Prayer - YOUTH: A new prayer line for the youth has started this past Monday and will take place each week day at 6:46AM!  This prayer line will be led by young people but is open to anyone who would like to participate.

Midweek Connection study of Daniel 11/12 on Tuesday, at 6:30PM.

Pathfinder and Adventurer  Tuesday, at 5:30PM.

Fellowship Meal for March 2. Theme is Pasta/Italian.          
A-H Pasta Dish PLUS Fruit/dessert
I-P Pasta Dish PLUS Salad
Q-Z Pasta Dish PLUS Bread

Deaconess Ministry: The deaconesses would like to go and visit people in need or shut - ins. If you know anyone who needs visitation, please contact Marian Kelch at 563-260-5118.

Morning Prayer Line: Remember we meet each weekday morning from 5:30-6 AM for prayer via ZOOM and Sabbath mornings from 8:50 - 9:20 AM here at the church.  The ZOOM link is under the prayer section of the church app.  

Further Out

UPCOMING EVENTS | Mark Your Calendars:
  • February 24 - Morning Message - Pastor Jeremy
  • February 24 - Nursing Home Ministry 3PM
  • February 24 - Pastor Doug Batchelor at 4:30PM
  • February 24 - AY Vespers 6PM
  • February 24 - Samaritan Center Dock Offloading
  • February 26 - Best Weigh 6PM
  • February 27 - Pathfinder Meeting 5:30PM
  • February 27 - Midweek Connection 6:30PM
  • March 2 - Morning Message - Pastor Jeremy
  • March 2 - Fellowship Meal
  • March 2 - ADV Bible Game Conference Level
  • March 2 - Family Nature Hike 3PM
  • March 2 - Mission Report - Timor Leste - 5:30PM
  • March 4 - Best Weigh 6PM
  • March 5 - PF and ADV Meeting 5:30PM
  • March 5 - Midweek Connection 6:30PM
  • March 9 - ADV Sabbath and Family Hike
  • March 9 - Homeless Ministry 2PM
  • March 9 - PF and ADV Family Worship Night
  • March 11 - Best Weight 6PM
  • March 12 - PF and ADV Meeting 5:30PM
  • March 12 - Midweek Connection 6:30PM
  • March 13 - Elder's Meeting
  • March 13 - Church Board Meeting 7PM
  • March 15 - Singles Ministry Vespers and Light Supper 6PM
  • March 16 - Fellowship Meal 
  • March 16 - Afternoon Outreach Activity
  • March 17 - Men's Prayer and Breakfast 7:30AM
  • March 17 - TCI Project - Church Workbee 10AM
  • March 18 - Best Weigh 6PM
  • March 18 - Dinner with the Doctor 6PM
  • March 19 - PF and ADV Meeting 5:30PM
  • March 19 - Midweek Connection 6:30PM
  • March 23 - Communion Sabbath
  • March 23 - Nursing Home Ministry 3PM
  • March 23 - AY Vespers 7PM
  • March 23 - Samaritan Center Dock Offloading 8:30PM

Offering Report

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