June 25 2022, 11:00 a.m.

Enter with Praise
Josh Frker

Welcome & Prayer

Keith Detwieler

Keith Detwieler

Opening Hymn
Josh Fraker
435 The Glory Song

Offering Call
Lora Lucas
Local Church Budget

Scripture Reading
Jordan Arnall
John 1:3-5

Morning Prayer
Keith Detwieler

Special Music
Wynn Horsley Quartet

Pastor Jeremy

Ordinance of Humility
Break for foot washing
Children’s story in Sanctuary Class


Closing Hymn
Josh Fraker
175 Now the Green Blade Rises

Doug Pratt
Sunset Today: 7:06 PM  
Sunset Next Friday: 6:58 PM



United Prayer | Every Sabbath, 8:50-9:20 a.m. | South Bay SDA Church 
Please note that the united time of prayer every Sabbath morning will now be from 8:50-9:20 a.m.
The prayer team would like you to know that they have organized to pray for every family and every child in the church. If you would like to request prayer for a specific person or issue, you can request prayer at southbaysda.org/prayer.

Prayer After Divine Service
Join us in front of the platform for a short time of prayer right after the divine service.

Fellowship Meal and Outreach After Church
We will be having fellowship meal and outreach after our worship service. Please stay and join us to help pass out flyers for Dinner with The Doctor! The theme for this potluck will be International Dishes.

Please bring your favorite international  dish according to the following surname categories:
A-G: Bring a dish for 12 people AND a salad
H-N: Bring a dish for 12 people AND dessert
O-Z: Bring a dish for 12 people AND bread/vegetable side

Please keep in mind that plant-based and vegan items are healthy and much appreciated. Also, please remember to label your dish with your name so that it is easily retrieved afterwards.
Family Group 4 led by Fraker/Petgrave will be hosting this potluck. Can't wait to spend time in fellowship with you!

Membership Transfer | Transfer In - 2nd Reading
Sergio Casas from Orangevale SDA Church (Orangevale CA)
Blanca Casas from Orangevale SDA Church (Orangevale CA)

Membership Transfer | Transfer Out - 1st Reading
Sheldon Wright to Lookout Mtn SDA Church (Rising Fawn GA)
Whitley Wright to Lookout Mtn SDA Church (Rising Fawn GA)

Church Family Fun Night Tonight @ 6:30pm 
We will share a delicious meal (please bring sandwiches or soup and snacks/fruit), play team building games, enjoy a special vespers program brought to us by the young people, and sing and worship together! Please plan to join us at the church this Saturday night, Oct 15, from 6-8:45 pm. No one is too old to participate and join the fun! There will be games and activities for all, including the option of board games.

This Week

Prayer Meetings in October | Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm
Join Rhonda Grakov on a mission of discovery as she shares "Biblical Insights from the Holy Land" at South Bay Zoom Midweek Prayer and Bible Study, Wednesday evening, October 19, 6:30pm. https://zoom.us/j/91448825773

DWTD - Monday October 17, 6:00 PM

Further Out

  • October 15 - Communion Sabbath & Fellowship Lunch
  • October 15 -  Church Family Night
  • October 17 - Dinner with the Dr. 6pm
  • October 20 - Depression Recovery Program Graduation
  • October 22 - Vespers with the Flickinger family & Jason Raney
  • October 22 - Volunteer at Samaritan Center after vespers
  • November 5 - Fellowship Lunch
  • November 12 - Church Family Night
  • November 19 - Fellowship Lunch
  • December 3 - Fellowship Lunch
  • December 10 - Marriage Focus Weekend
Don’t you wonder why, in weddings, we make a statement promising “to love one another till death do us part”? If it was EASY to do, we wouldn’t have to make any promises. In each relationship, there will be a point where we will irritate/agitate each other. It is for these times that this promise is made. Predictably there will be struggles in this world of sin. God’s remedy is to hold us to our commitment while to tenaciously work out our challenges with prayer and self-evaluation. Without struggles, we would not grow, as these challenges build character. Work hard and responsibly to do your part, to keep your marriage healthy and happy. LSS

Offering Report

Yearly budget goal


Monthly budget goal


Church budget received 2022 YTD


Church budget status 2022 YTD

$ -6,106.62

Church budget received in June 2022